Our company deals with consulting services on acquisition of real estate, we provide a thorough analysis and offer responsible options to our clients. We have own real estate objects, but we also can help with acquisition of real estate upon detailed request of the client. Our target markets are Switzerland, Latvia, Montenegro, France. We provide comprehensive real estate consulting services including evaluation, investment risks, market research, renovation, increasing of market price of the object by way of reconstruction, tailored to each of the client's unique needs.

Estate Management

Would you like your upscale household in France, Latvia, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland or Worldwide not only to look first class, but also to function like a clockwork? We transform your residence into your personal luxury hotel, where you can sit back, relax and do not have to worry about a thing. Whether a chalet in France, a villa on the shores of Lake Geneva or a city villa in Latvia or Dubai. We take over the structuring and restructuring as well as the long-term management of your estate. Regular personal meetings and monthly reports give you an overview of the developments.

Analysis & Concept

In order to successfully set up a new household or to convert an informal into a formal one, professional structuring is necessary. In a first personal meeting, we analyze the current status and learn more about you and your requirements, the existing team and the style of service that you would like to implement in your household. Then we create a tailor-made concept with work plans, SOPs, rosters and budgets and integrate it step by step.
  • - Structuring and restructuring of upscale homes
  • - Creation of a tailor-made concept
  • - Development of work processes and SOPs
  • - Creation of rosters
  • - Training of new and existing staff


Professional management is essential in order to continuously maintain and raise the standards in a formal household. We offer proactive household management with flexible, monthly arrangements that cover all relevant topics. We ensure that the service standards are met or exceeded, maintain the inventory and the wine cellar, arrange regular and spontaneous maintenance appointments, arrange and supervise external service providers.
  • - Monitoring of all processes in the household
  • - Continuous quality management
  • - Budget management
  • - Coordination of external service providers

Staff Management

Do you employ personnel in your private household or do you want to hire employees? What relieves you of a lot of work in everyday life first requires good preparation. We take care of the implementation and management of your house staff.
  • - Creation of job descriptions
  • - Drafting of employment contracts
  • - Creation of confidentiality agreements
  • - Registration with insurance companies and authorities
  • - Creation of monthly pay slips

Atmosphere & Details

«There is no place like home» Nevertheless, high-quality materials are not enough to create a feel-good atmosphere. We therefore devote ourselves intensively to the details that make your home special, be it through flower arrangements, individual room scents or decorative elements.
  • - Creation of flower arrangements
  • - Integration of individual room scents
  • - Advice on decoration and details